Karin Bardarson – writer musician fellow messiah

What am I doing now…

Currently, writing: poems and essays, but I can never leave my song-writing past behind me, in the sense, that after decades of creating and performing as singer songwriter, Karin Blaine, in the Pacific Northwest, my songs still sing in my bloodstream. I sang first, then I spoke , then I put them together, and now I am separating them. Not sure that can be done. But I rarely get on the stage these days.

I live in Seattle with Charlie Parker, my mini poodle, in Seattle, Washington and am working on poems for my first chapbook and gathering my song lyrics together for a book because I think my lyrics are poetry. And my poems are songs.

I, also, publish the occasional essay on my Substack Newsletter site., called dudessdahlia world. Click through to visit my essays and have a read. Subscribe. For free.

Karin Blaine from the way back machine…

As mentioned above, for many years I performed throughout the Pacific Northwest and New England as singer/songwriter, Karin Blaine. HERE I talk about my music. My recordings, Karin Blaine (1989 – out of print), Dirty Money (2003), Modern Day Living (2012) and singles, I Love Julian (2011) and The Decision Is Mine (2016) are available on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music.


"...The titans are trembling the tyrants are scared of Delilah cutting off their hair
Well coiffed secrets are falling to the floor 

The uniforms and the business suits are terrified that we will see the truth
That they're bleeding us dry, they're taking everything we got  

All the heroes I've ever loved have been shot, jailed or hung
For telling the truth, for saying it straight, for taking the heat
And I LOVE JULIAN..."    words & lyrics Karin Blaine © 2011 All Rights Reserved